The JTM DRIVE is an overdrive with a British character, which simulates the sound of old tube amps the Plexi-era.

The Overdrive is built with discrete field-effect transistors (FET), in order to reproduce the warm sound and the dynamics of the great role models can faithfully. The JTM DRIVE can be used both as a clean boost, but also harder Crunch a la AC / DC by increasing the drive control.

Still "hang" the overdrive very well on guitar volume knob is therefore very dynamic, and also gets along wonderfully with other overdrives (or with an already distorting amplifiers in crunch channel).

The tone control is an active 3-band control with additional MIDS switch. This will determine the operating range of the MIDDLE-regulator of low mids and high mids. The tone control is very efficient, small changes in the regulator usually cause very large changes in sound.

  • Discrete FET design
  • Dynamic response
  • Active 3 band EQ
  • True bypass