WEEHBO Hellfire

The HELLFIRE is a very flexible and dynamic low to medium gain overdrive. The Overdrive is a smaller version of HELL DRIVE and has apart from the boost function with all the features and sounds of the big brother.

The device is very sensitive to the technique of playing the guitar gets the basic character of each instrument and is therefore ideal for use with any equipment. The Zerrgrad the HELLFIRE ranging from mild to moderate crunch / overdrive. It always remains the Zerrstruktur bit dirty and centre-weighted, as we know it from typical British tube amps.

Use the control INPUT, BALLS and TONE can the sound of the HELLFIRE some form dramatically. Furthermore, inside the device are further trim control (BASS and PRESENCE) for sound shaping available.

  • Flexible, dynamic overdrive
  • Input, balls and tone controls
  • Internal trim controls
  • True bypass