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worth buying!

good build quality and sound, like you have a compact amp in the palm of your hand.

Keeley Compressor Plus

Love this compressor ! Improves the sound of everything on my board. An absolute keeper!

Great pedal, easy purchase.

Great quality pedal. Very transparent sound which fattens up the tone with higher levels of compression. The upgrade to smaller footprint on pedal board is great, with the enhanced EQ on previous models. This will be staying on my board for some time I suspect. Quick delivery, no issues.

So good with synths

This pedal sounds so good with analogue synths. Sounds good with digital synths too.

Great compact midi pedal

Great pedal. Deluxe guitars let me know when they were in stock and they shipped it super quick. Didn't come with a USB cable.. Probably a Disaster Design decision.

Bass Fuzz Box

Tonnes of fuzz.This clean blend rules.If you're looking for a bass muff pedal this the one to grab.

boomerang 111

Deluxe guitar are fast and the looper was packed the best I have seen. Cool products that others don't have. Would recommend. Loch.Tas

Fantastic pedal. Great versatility for a live sound. I am loving it.

Great simple fuzz

Great fat fuzz at high volume with great cleanup with volume knob at about 5 or 6. Definitely recommend.

Worth it

Held off buying one of these for my 330 for for a while. Definitely extremely glad i got one though, i really do love how solid and over engineered it is. The tone did change, i lost some of that banjo tone on my 330 which i kind of liked. But after the new string sound settles the guitar really sings. Feels like a more consistent resonance. It resonates into the body in a different way which i enjoy now. Was a bit shocked initially but i think overall it’s a good sound.

Hated the look of it initially but now it’s on the guitar it doesn’t look too crazy.

Indestructible for touring. Ultra reliable for recording. I’d definitely buy another one in the future.

Awesome pedal

Great quality compressor. Now always on

Great pedal

Works perfectly with the Kemper unit.

Noble screamer

Am really enjoying this pedal. It does take a bit of getting used too. Great tones straight from the pedal. strangely i am finding the Nashville session setting more to my liking with my Josh smith Tchula pedal in front for solos etc. I thought a mix of TS or the double TS would have been my flavour. I reckon it will be on my board for quite a time. Good stuff...

Fantastic Service

I love how easy it is to purchase from Deluxe Guitars. Friendly, knowledgeable and great service.




It’s a MIDI cable and it works


This thing is super cool! Use it with synths and sounds crazy with drums sent through it. Would be super cool to use on any instrument or sound!


Epic. Flat out awesome.

Great MIDI Pedal

Still working out all the possibilities I am yet to achieve with this pedal but so far I am very impressed with the quality and the features this pedal has. The online editor makes it even easier to operate.
It has and easy to read screen and the LEDs are wonderfully bright with many colour options.
So far, I have only set it up to control parameters in my Line6 HX stomp but that was easy enough. I am looking forward to unlocking many more possibilities with this pedal. Great job by the lads at Pirate Midi.

Geoffrey's customer service is second to none. His wahs are top quality in all respects... build quality and tone. This is a genuine review!

Hot tone mini vol wah

Great peddle love it

JHS Little Black Amp Box
Nathan Kreider
Perfect for apartment living

So I recently bought a Peavey 6505+ 120w amp head on a whim, and built a 112 cab because I like doing things myself. They both sound incredible with the gain cranked right up.

My only problem is I live in an apartment complex, with neighbours all around me. They weren't the biggest fans. Is it because I suck at guitar? Maybe. Is it because the amp is loud as hell? Most definitely.

In comes the Little Black Box to the save the day. This thing just goes right into the effects loop and all of a sudden, I can play at levels more than 1, achieving that beautiful high gain tone without the threatening letters and eviction notices.

This thing truly rocks for the price point. I couldn't say how it compares to a load box that is many times more expensive, but I honestly don't think I'd even bother now, personally. This does exactly what is described, and what I needed.

Perfect, just perfect.

Fantastic pedal and service!

Shout out to the crew at Deluxe for letting me in ealy to pick up this amazing pedal and have a quick browse! T H A N K S!
I bought this mainly to record guitars into my dawless MPC Live 2 setup.
Absolutely amazing pedal that sounds authentic and is much improved with the V2 firmware update. Built very well and easy to use with a few tricks up its sleeve which set this apart and make the ASC1 unique.

Love this little thing

The OBNE Expression Ramper is so fun. A left of centre way and inspirational way to control the expression input of any pedal.

Crazy !

Crazy by name, crazy by nature. Fantastic pedal !