The JMP DRIVE is a discrete overdrive / distortion with a British character. It's distortion ranges from semi-clean to modern hard rock, thus it is very versatile. The maximum distortion can be adjusted using an internal trim potentiometer.

Due to the special electronic circuit, the JMP DRIVE responds dynamically to the guitar signal that can be wonderfully distorted using the gain control. Still "hang" the overdrive very well on guitar volume knob and gets along well with other wonderful overdrive (or with an already distorting amplifiers in the Crunch channel).

The tone control is an active 3-band control with additional MIDS switch. This will determine the operating range of the MIDDLE-regulator of low mids and high mids. The tone control is very efficient, small changes in the regulator usually cause very large changes in sound.

  • Discrete overdrive / distortion
  • Dynamic response
  • Active 3 band EQ
  • Mids switch
  • True bypass