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Shift Line

SHIFT LINE Prism II Stereo

The A+Prism IIis a new version of the Prism-9 complex effect pedal. Combining multiple techniques in a single unit, the device employs an outside-the-box approach to sound processing. The Prism II is comprised of subtractive and additive synthesis elements along with reverberation and various types of modulation (frequency, temporal and spatial). Rather than being lined up in a typical linear fashion, all parts of the system form a single "organism", allowing multiple parameters to be tweaked simultaneously. You could try and replicate it by using a chain of multiple time-synced effects — but that would be no easy feat, as the Prism II has 3 pitch shifting sections, 4 multimode filters, 2 modulation blocks, and a single reverb section. All the elements are organized in two identical chains (as the device works in stereo) with a separate mix section at each stage. The pedal's four LFOs provide extensive control over the stereo field and filter automation. The Prism II can be controlled via the TAP footswitch or synced to an external clock. Additionally, the device offers an expression pedal simulation mode along with a DETUNE function.

The Prism II is a compact inspiration generator which can single-handedly replace a sizable Eurorack system. In the guitar world, fully replicating the effect would be difficult even with a huge pedalboard.

The effect was inspired by various principles of sound synthesis, which have been present since the 70s but still aren't widely spread beyond fully-equipped professional studios. The Prism II is a one-of-a-kind pedal which can work with any instrument such as guitar, bass, mono- or polysynth, vocals or drums.

Prism II: Key Features

  • A complex and unique filter-pad pedal.
  • Fully featured stereo signal path with a dual-mono architecture and mono signal expansion capabilities.
  • 12 unique algorithms which can be fine-tuned via the config file.
  • Three global modes: tap tempo, LFO reset, expression pedal simulation.
  • Scalable tap tempo, which allows to speed up or slow down the modulation in the 2x – 32x range.
  • The pitch shifting section allows adding octaves (upper/lower) and a fifth to the incoming signal.
  • Four LFO-controlled resonant multimode filters with tweakable ranges.
  • The reverb section between filter groups allows for soft pads, lush spatial processing, and harmonic tremolo in reverb tails.
  • Signal modulation allows for chorus, vibrato and soft flanger effects. In conjunction with filter modulation, a phaser effect can be also achieved.
  • Detune Mode: gradual pitch shifting of the transposed signal.
  • "Favorite": the option to save and recall a preset from the device's memory.
  • External control input which allows for full MIDI control and also accepts passive controllers, expression pedals, and analog triggers (S-trig/V-trig).
  • Firmware updates and fine-tuning via microUSB.
  • Fully analog dry signal chain.
  • Switchable tails in bypass.
  • Kill Dry: the option to exclude the dry signal from the output in order to use the pedal in Wet-Dry-Wet configurations or external mixing setups.
  • Lightweight and compact aluminium enclosure featuring top-mounted jacks for improved connectivity and easier pedalboard management.
  • Universal power intake in the 9-12V range; low current draw by digital device standards (100-150mA).