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Shift Line

SHIFT LINE Astronaut V

The A+ Astronaut V is the newest addition to the Astronaut space reverb family. Based around the ARM ® processor, the Cortex ® technology and the Analog Devices codec, the new pedal is the most advanced and impressive-sounding Astronaut space unit to date!

The Astronaut V offers 22 unique sound-processing algorithms, each with flexible controls. The best algorithms featured in the previous versions have been reworked in order to utilize the new processor to the fullest. The Astronaut V can do anything from traditional reverb sounds to complex soundscapes, effects and arpeggios.

With the fully updated UI, each algorithm now saves user settings into the device's memory. The Astronaut V is a collection of 33 extensively tweakable presets, allowing you to focus on the music!

The dual mono sound processing architecture carefully preserves the incoming signal's stereo scene. The VCA-based cross mix between the dry and wet signals allows for a perfectly smooth transition towards Kill Dry mode. The dry signal doesn't go through any AD/DA conversion, which means there's no latency and no artifacts introduced to it.

The universal CTRL jack allows you to control all effect parameters via MIDI (including PC commands), as well as via analog triggers and expression pedals. The Astronaut V sports a USB Type C port for extra tweakability and firmware updates; we're planning to keep expanding the USB interface functionality further.

The pedal is extremely flexible and can fit pretty much any style of music. Massive soundscapes have never been easier to craft. The Astronaut V is a stereo inspiration machine!

Astronaut V: Key Features

  • 22 unique stereo algorithms: reverbs, delays, microsampling.
  • 33 programs split into 3 banks and enhanced with the Quick Access function.
  • A User Defined bank for 11 user-defined programs.
  • Improved UI which saves all algorithm parameters in the matching program slot.
  • Hold Mode (infinite sustain).
  • Dual mono sound processing architecture and a full stereo signal path allowing for mono signal expansion.
  • Universal external control input which accepts MIDI, passive controllers, expression pedals and analog triggers.
  • VCA-based cross mix between the dry and wet signals.
  • VCA-based output boost.
  • Switchable reverb tails in bypass.
  • Fully analog dry signal path.
  • USB Type C port for firmware updates and fine-tuning.
  • Compact and lightweight aluminium enclosure with top-mounted jacks to save pedalboard space.
  • Universal 9-12VDC power intake and relatively low power consumption (160-200mA).