Swart Amps

SWART AMPS AST Master Combo - Alnico Cream

This is essentially the AST Head Mk II circuit and chassis placed in a custom pine 1x12 cabinet with top mounted controls like the STR series. And like the AST Head II, the AST Master has a defeatable master volume and can run the stock 6V6 and 6L6 family. The larger size combo comes stock with the BV-25 but any 12" can be fitted allowing you to place your favorite 12" option in this beast (can be custom ordered for a 2x10, too, though we prefer the 12). The AST Master can drive an external cab while running the internal speaker as it has two external outputs with 4/8/16ohm selectable impedance.

Compared to the original AST circuit, the AST Master is a slightly hotter result, perhaps a smidgeno less sweet as the AST, but with a bit more edge and a bigger sound due to large cab. It sounds quite large and expansive and has become a favorite of many Swart fans.

18w of twin 6V6 power in high Class A biased AB • Proprietary 100% Bypassable Master Volume • Tube Reverb/Tremolo • Run 6V6 or 6L6 • Hi/Lo inputs • Volume • Tone • Reverb • Speed •Tremolo • Standby • Foot Switch • two outputs • Carbon Comp Resistors • Mallory • Sprague • JJ Caps •Channel 1&2 Outputs to drive internal/external cabs • 4/8/16 ohm selectable Output •20"H x 24w x 11 D ~ 39lbs