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STRYMON Ojai R30 Expansion Kit

Never run out of outputs.

Have an existing Strymon effects pedal power supply? Gain five additional isolated pedal outputs with an Expansion Kit. Easily build a modular power system that can grow with your pedalboard. 

How does it work?

Expansion Kits require an existing Strymon power product which connects to an AC power outlet, either directly (Zuma, Zuma R300) or via an external power adapter (Ojai R30, Ojai). Simply link an Expansion Kit to your existing Strymon power product via the 24V jack.  

Ojai R30 Expansion Kit

5 total outputs (2 adjustable 9/12/18V)
Power adapter not included
Requires existing Strymon power system

What is included?

Expansion Kits consist of an isolated power distributor and all of the necessary connection cables to integrate it with your existing Strymon power supply and power up to five additional effects pedals.

When should I use an Expansion Kit?

Use an Expansion Kit when you need to add more pedals to your Strymon powered pedalboard. Expansion Kits do not come with a power adapter, and will operate only when connected to an existing Strymon power product. 

Ojai R30 provides five high-current, fully isolated pedal outputs for your 9V, 12V, and 18V effects pedals. Add five more identical outputs to your rig by connecting an Ojai R30 Expansion Kit.

What is the difference between Ojai R30 and Ojai R30 Expansion Kit?

Ojai R30 comes with the PS-124 power adapter which provides DC power to the unit.

Ojai R30 Expansion Kit does not come with the PS-124 power adapter, and will operate only when connected to an existing Strymon power product (Zuma, Zuma R300, Ojai R30, or Ojai).

How many Expansion Kits can I add to my Strymon power system?

An Expansion Kit adds 5 additional outputs to your Strymon power distribution system. You can add as many as 6 Expansion Kits to your system, powering up to 30 additional effects pedals, depending on which Zuma or Ojai power supply is connected to the power source and the total current requirements for the pedals.

While it’s unlikely that anyone would go to such an extreme, we wanted to ensure that the Strymon power system delivers maximum flexibility and expandability. A much more likely scenario would be to link 2 or 3 Ojai units together, powering a combination of up to 15 high and low current draw pedals. 

Zuma is capable of delivering 48W, Zuma R300 can deliver 36W, and the PS-124 power adapter bundled with Ojai and Ojai R30 can deliver 24W.