SquarePlug Cables

SQUARE PLUG CABLES SP400 Low Profile Connector

→ Ultra–low–profile connector [measures only 8.3mm / 0.326" x 17mm / 0.67" x 28mm / 1.10". 20% smaller in volume than the Switchcraft 228/229]

→ Serviceable, all–metal plug designed to snug–fit smaller diameter cables for optimum strain relief and improved emi protection

→ 2 solder tabs for quick and easy soldering/desoldering

→ Insulation sheet to prevent hot and ground signals from shorting

SP400 Compatibility

SP400 is compatible with any 4mm [0.156"] cable diameter or less. SP500 and SP600 will be released later this year and will be compatible with 5mm and 6mm cable diameter.

Popular SP400/compatible cables include: Belden 1865A, Belden 8218, Bill Lawrence BL-150, Canare GS-4, Evidence Audio Monorail, Free the Tone CU-418, George L's155, Mogami 2314.

SP400 is compatible with the following popular switching systems: VoodooLab Pedal Switcher, PX8, PX8 Plus, HEX | RJM MusicPBC, Mini Effect Gizmo | MusicomLab 6M, 62M, 8L, MKIV, MKV | Providence Audio PEC-4V, PEC-2 | IdeaBench Switcheroo | Carl Martin Octaswitch, Octaswitch mkii | Vinteck V8 | Cusack Music PBT9, PBT6

[Not Compatible with The GigRig G2 and Boss ES5/8]