Skreddy Pedals


The Skreddy Pedals™ Cephalopod is not a troublesome or ill-tempered octave effect. It does not require you to roll back your guitar's tone knob in order to track your notes. Dig in and let it fly! Best pure octave results are achieved using your neck pickup and playing up around the 12th fret region, but you might enjoy using it on chords and riffs with your bridge pickup, too.

Octave You Don't Have to Work For

Not nasty or clangy sounding; just pure octave-up driven by a warm, sustaining germanium fuzz. Super easy learning curve; clean up your picking technique a little bit, and you're in business.

Features a silicon impedance-matching input stage which makes it play nice anywhere in your signal chain and lets the germanium fuzz sing regardless of buffers, etc.