RJM Music Technology


New Features! The Effect Gizmo has been updated to match the Rack Gizmo in both looks and features. The audio circuitry has been improved to increase headroom and reduce noise. We've also added a front panel XLR MIDI jack for connectivity with our Mastermind GT MIDI controller. And, we've spiffed it up with blue LEDs. Because we all know that blue LEDs sound best! :)

The Effect Gizmo is the newest switcher in the RJM Music lineup. With this switcher, you can take control of up to twelve pedals or effects processors and can control them from any MIDI controller. Turn on any group of pedals with a single button press!

Features include:

  • 12 audio loops for effect switching (Loops 1-4 internally wired in series, Loops 5-8 internally wired in series, and Loops 9-12 are independent)
  • Loops 9-12 accept stereo (TRS) connections. The Effect Gizmo can be special ordered with all stereo loops
  • Loops 9-12 can also double as function switches, allowing you to control amplifier channel switching
  • A high quality audio buffer is provided which can be placed anywhere in the audio path
  • "Click Stopper" technology greatly reduces the switching noise associated with relay based switchers
  • Works with all MIDI footswitches
  • Easy programmability using the front panel buttons and LEDs
  • Up to 256 separate programs can be saved in memory
  • High quality relays are used for maximum sound quality, compatibility and reliability
  • When using a 7-pin MIDI cable, the Effect Gizmo provides phantom power to compatible MIDI controllers