RJM Music Technology

RJM MUSIC TECHNOLOGY 10ft Amp Cable - 2 x 1/4inch Interface Cable

This cable allows you to connect the 8-pin jack on the RG-16, Rack Gizmo, Amp Gizmo or Mini Amp Gizmo to an amplifier that uses two 1/4" footswitch jacks. The cable has two stereo (TRS) plugs on the amplifier side, allowing you to switch up to 4 functions.

This cable is able to control virtually any amp that has a 1/4" footswitch jack, including the following:

  • Bogner amps (Shiva, etc.)
  • Custom Audio Amplifiers (OD-50, OD-100, PT-100, etc.)
  • Engl amps (Powerball, Fireball, Savage, Gigmaster, etc.)
  • Marshall™ amps (DSL, Modern Vintage, etc.)
  • Mesa® amps (Lone Star™, Mark I™, Mark II™, Mark III™, Mark V:25™, Mini Rectifier™ etc.)
  • Marshall amps (DSL, Vintage Modern, etc.)
  • Orange Amps (Rockerverb, Thunderverb, AD30(H)TC, etc.)

And many, many more...

This cable is designed to operate with switches 1, 2, 5 and 6 on your RJM Music switcher. Other switch configurations are available on a custom basis.