Radial Engineering

RADIAL Headbone VT

The Headbone is a guitar amplifier switcher that allows two amplifiers to share one speaker cabinet. The Headbone lets you toggle from one amplifier to another without pops, clicks, hum or added noise. For example, the Headbone could switch between a Mesa BoogieTM Dual-Rectifier head and a MarshallTM JCM800 through the same 4-12 slant cabinet.

For the best possible tone, Headbone gives you a choice of buffered or non-buffered inputs and employs opto-couplers to ensure noise-free switching of the guitar signal. For the speaker level signals, a series of high cycle sealed relays switch the amplifiers outputs. Switching guitar and speaker signals this way ensures silent and reliable switching while maintaining the natural tone of your guitar and amps.

The Headbone is safe to use. Headbone controls the transition between amps to ensure proper loads are always maintained by connecting the standby amplifier to a load resistor. Should the power be disconnected from the Headbone, SafeModeTM will automatically revert to Amp-1. The Headbone may be switched from the rugged on-board footswitch or via the Slingshot remote.

The Headbone expands your tonal range and reduces the amount of gear you need to carry to the gig. Three models available; Headbone VT for tube amp setups; Headbone SS for solid-state amps and Headbone TS for one tube and one solid-state amp.


• Class-A audio circuit for best sound
• Opto-coupler switching of audio circuits
• High performance relays for speakers
• Load resistor provides standby amplifier load • SafeModeTM power-off safety system
• Choice of buffered or unbuffered inputs
• SlingshotTM remote control input


• Use two amp heads with one cabinet
• Ultimate amp setup for tone fanatics
• Incredible setup for lead and rhythm tones

Cool Stuff

• Gets you one step closer to the perfect tone • Only have to carry one cabinet to the gig
• On-board and remote switching

Dimensions (W x D x H)
• 6.9” x 4.5” x 2” (175mm x 114mm x 52mm) • Includes 15VDC power supply