Pete Cornish

PETE CORNISH P-2 Blend Series

Please note that there is no battery in the Grey Blend series as the space is used for the Blend Circuit. I can confirm that the P-2 signal tone and level is
exactly the same as previous versions when the Blend Control is set fully clockwise. I have not altered the P-2 sound, just added a Blend function to the output. Set up is straightforward : turn Blend fully clockwise; engage P-2 and set Sustain, Tone to taste: adjust Volume to match bypassed signal level - switch back and forth to check that the P-2 volume is identical to the Bypass level. Blend control at 12 o'clock will now mix equal amounts of P-2 and Bypassed signal (labelled WET and DRY) and varying amounts of wet/dry can be dialed in using the Blend control.

Dimensions: 171 X 121 X 55 mm