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One Control

ONE CONTROL Raspberry Booster

The Raspberry Boosterby One Control is a unique boost pedal designed to increase gain boost while maintaining tonal details by controlling the fine textures of the outputted distortion. BJF designed this pedal to recreate the tone of a vintage boost/overdrive pedal driving an old school tube amp. Note: It's important to place the Raspberry Booster at the beginning of your pedal chain in order to take advantage of the Z (impedance) control. Impedance can be effected by various factors.


  • Input impedance: 9.8K to 319K
  • Output impedance: 25K
  • Drive voltage: 9 V
  • Consumption Draw: 1.5 mA
  • S / N ratio: -80 dB
  • Size: 39 W x 100 D x 31 H mm (not including projections)
  •     47 W x 100 D x 48 H mm (including projections)
  • Weight: Approximately 160 g
  • True-Bypass Switching
  • High Quality Aluminum Enclosure
  • Power: 9V Battery or Standard DC Power Supply

Bjorn's Description
In the past, boost pedals have been used as "overdrive pedals". Today's modern overdrive pedals actually produce distortion whereas vintage overdrives were designed to distort the amplifier.

One Control Raspberry Booster is a unique boost pedal designed to be used like a vintage boost/overdrive. With this pedal, the guitarist has full control of the amount of detail in the gain. Have full control of the distortions texture when boosting your favorite amp or distortion pedal.

Let's talk about the controls. As you raise the Gain knob, the compression of the boost will increase. At the maximum level, expect a good amount of distortion while maintaining a detailed/clean tone. The Master knob is used for volume cuts as well as an overall volume boost. If a boost pedal increases the output volume and gain by the same amount, the overall volume will increase more than expected, making the ideal amount of distortion difficult to dial in. By adjusting the Gain and Master knobs separately, the Raspberry Booster can achieve the desired amount of gain at the desired overall volume.

There's one more control knob, and quite frankly, the most unique one that is left to discuss... The Z knob. This knob controls the input impedance, from 9.8K to 319K. Don't worry, it's not complicated. The Z knob is the most 'musical' of all the controls on the Raspberry.
How does the Z knob impact the sound? Adjusting this knob allows the guitarist to manipulate how the top end of your tone rolls off. If you set it to the minimum, the solid body's single coil becomes soft and warm like a plump semi-acoustic humbucker.

As you increase the impedance, the top end changes sharply and the resolution of the whole tone also changes. It also affects the movement of your tone when you operate the guitar's Volume knob while the gain is being boosted. This will enhance the usability of your guitars' controls.

Raspberry Booster can be used in conjunction with various pickups, amplifiers and effects. When you boost a tube amp with the Raspberry Booster, you'll understand the true definition of the word "overdrive".

It's important to place the Raspberry Booster at the beginning of your pedal chain in order to take advantage of the Z (impedance) control. Impedance can be effected by various factors and we want you to enjoy the endless creative possibilities.

- Bjorn Juhl