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ONE CONTROL BJF Persian Green Screamer

Persian Green Screamer. Be the world standard 100 years from now TS – We had a hazy visualization of making a tube screamer soon after we started working with BJF.

Designing this pedal was not hard but it was very difficult to see value in launching this product. Perfect sound is already available. Whether it is in low gain or with a small amp, the pedal makes awesome sound and it was just so perfect that we could not find anything wrong with it.

But our ever-challenging mind eventually reached this concept:
Be the world standard 100 years from now It’ll remain as the standard for the next 100 years. To become the standard. We need to use high-quality parts that are universally available. Users, have no fear. We’ll be around 100 years from now.100 years’ worth of designs are packed in this pedal.It’s time to begin the next generation standard.

Incorporating a dual Op Amp and symmetrical diode clipping, this pedal became the legend that built the foundation of the overdrive pedal circuit. This pedal, which is called the “tube screamer”, is the all-time classic, or standard of overdrive pedals.

Nearly all effect builders have produced this circuit whether it is part of their collection or not.

Nevertheless, why do we seem fed up with the word, “TS”? It provides an excellent circuit and allows a wide range by adjusting a few variables. While its strong mid tone is obviously useful, too much exposure to it may bore users.

But were users sick of TS? The answer is NO. It is not true as far as original vintage TS pedals go. The great original quality has been and will be there unchanged.

Did TS give up trying to regain its great original sound? Although its functions, universality, response, dynamics and frequency response are all essential for an effects pedal, pursuing them could have blurred the goal.

One Control Persian Green Screamer aims to attain the ultimate form of tube screamer circuit. “It’s been decades,” said BJF while easily completing the circuit. He made a circuit that was like no other TS circuits by combining the original TS circuit and his own creativity.

One Control believes that TS has to have the ability to create a vintage original sound and be an authentic modern overdrive effects pedal at the same time. It has to first attain the goal of creating a vintage TS sound that other TS pedals gave up pursuing. Otherwise, there is no point for One Control to produce a TS pedals now.

The Persian Green Screamer used a compact machined aluminum case to minimize noise down to an ultimate low level. It is made without expensive components that are hard to obtain so that it continues to be a standard effects pedal that is universally available no matter where you go. It will be developed in the same field as the original vintage effects pedals. To be the ultimate form of the tube screamer, Persian Green Screamer has to pursue its original method like no others. That’s where BJF’s circuit comes to life.

The Persian Green Screamer has to be a pedal that creates a vintage TS sound and a modern overdrive effects pedal at the same time. The switch is added on the side of the body for that reason. You can switch between two modes, Vintage/Modern, to satisfy the needs for the two contradicting elements without compromise.

The Vintage mode creates beautiful distortion that is unique to large-case “TS-808.” It is a creamy, warm solid tone. Its dynamic range is not too broad and the mid-range is emphasized.

Yet, it attained a perfect balance and does not give you pressure that is sometimes described as “nasal.”

It also realized a sound in the “Boost Setting” with minimum OVERDRIVE and maximum LEVEL while increasing its control range so you can use a setting like “OVERDRIVE=-2,LEVEL=12.” On the other hand, the TONE knob range is limited to only allow minor adjustment of the rich subtle sound. Few players use the entire level pf TS808 TONE from minimum to maximum. A Guitar can do that more effectively and TS808 rather creates a sound that is too light if you increase the tone. Thus, the range is limited to the range that is most required by guitarists.

The Modern mode allows transformation to “transparent” overdrive for perfectly clean boost. It gives life to the guitar and amp sound without changing it drastically. The overdrive can be used like a preamp or a compressor as well. You can change the gain easily by adjusting the Volume knob or picking strength. It has a wide-range and high response. You can leave it on all the time to give a slight thickness to the guitar tone. You can also actively alter TONE unlike with the Vintage mode.

The Persian Green Screamer operates under high voltage when used with up to an 18V adapter. With higher voltage, head room is increased to allow even richer expression while reducing the gain slightly. It is an effective way to add variations to tones.

The ability to switch between the perfect vintage TS sound and a modern and open transparent drive just by sliding the switch is what made it the overdrive that everyone was dreaming of. It is the BJF magic that simply makes it happen.

The One Control Persian Green Screamer attempted and achieved the goal given to the “TS” sound that was once thought to be impossible.

Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: 10K
Drive voltage: 9V
S/N ratio: -100dBm
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm(excluding protruding parts)
   47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 160 grams (200 grams with batteries)
True bypass switching
*Batteries not included.

As soon as the final version of the Persian Green Screamer (PGS) came, I invited professional guitarists that are quite picky about sound to test it, comparing with various vintage tube screamers I owned.

PGS’s Vintage mode can create a perfect vintage sound with single coil pickups or P-90. It’s a bit different with a humbucker or high-output pickup, but sounds vintage when placed before Granith Grey Booster (GGB). Suppressing with overpowering output is the key.

The Modern mode matches any guitar whether single coil or a large-output guitar. Sudden transformation of the vintage TS sound into open and clear sound surprised everybody but they really liked both modes. PGS will shock the world again.

───Bjorn Juhl

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