Mr Black

MR BLACK Deluxe Plus

For anyone who has an amp that doesn’t have reverb or tremolo—just add a Deluxe Plus into your chain and BOOM—you’ve instantly got that classic 50s/60s American amp tone. The Deluxe Plus features a drippy spring reverb and bias-modulating tremolo in one small box—your pedalboard will thank you. The effects can be used individually or (our preference) dialed in together for true vintage vibe. Mr. Black recommends firing this baby up under the nearest palm tree. Bring your shades—you’ll be out there for a while! As with all Mr. Black products, the Deluxe Plus is powered by a 9VDC adapter or a 9V battery, is true bypass, and is handmade in Portland, Oregon by a team of crazy awesome folks.

Mr. Black Deluxe Plus Spring Reverb/Tremolo Features:

  • Spring Reverb and Bias-Modulating Tremolo
  • Intensity, Reverb, and Speed Controls
  • 9vDC or 9V battery operable
  • True bypass
  • Draws <60mA
  • Handmade in Portland à Oregon à USA!