Molten Voltage

MOLTEN VOLTAGE Master Control MV-58

MASTER CONTROL MV-58™ is a simple-to-use PedalBoard MIDI Controller Footswitch that turns on and off effects, selects presets, and synchronizes over 50 cutting-edge effects from Strymon, Eventide, MOOG, BOSS, EHX, and many others!

MASTER CONTROL sends Program Change messages and MIDI Clock data and also stores the tempo associated with 128 programs.

Key Features:

• Fully functional stand-alone Master Controller for PedalBoard MIDI devices
• Turns on and off effectsMV-58 angled
• Recalls effect presets
• Sends MIDI Clock to synchronize all your MIDI gear
• Stores the MIDI Clock tempo for each program
• Simple, intuitive user interface
• Versatile tempo control, including Precision Tap Tempo - better then 1 / 25,000th of a second!
• Large vivid LED display -- very easy to read
• Solid, Professional-Grade construction, including Riveted Steel MIDI Jack
• MIDI Program Change, Song Select, and MIDI Start, Stop, and Clock output
• Robust, 128 program storage
• Causes other compatible Molten Voltage devices to self-program

MASTER CONTROL is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 100mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 100mA.
MV-58 Dimensions: 7.3" (186mm) Wide x 4.8" (122mm) Deep x 2.3" (59mm) Tall