Mad Professor

MAD PROFESSOR Mighty Red Distortion (PCB Version)

The Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion CB packs all the great high-gain distortion that the original Mighty Red does with more output. The new pcb design saves the Mad Professor crew some time and keeps a little extra dough in your pocket

Just like the hand-wired version this pedal is extremely easy (and lot of fun) to play, because its texture is adjusted to give clarity and definition also at heavy distortion. The Presence control was designed to control the upper treble, but not to affect the upper midrange, so that you can get the exact treble you desire. So go pull out your purple leopard print spandex, tease your hair and crank up your 80's guitar tone with the Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion CB.

New Version with More Output
Presence knob controls high but doesn't squash mids
Three knob control setup
Standard 9volt operation