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KEMPER Profiler Power Rack

The KEMPER PROFILER™ is the leading-edge digital guitar amplifier and all-in-one effects processor. This is made possible by a radical, patented technology and concept which Kemper calls "PROFILING™". This version of the PROFILER™ rack has a built-in Class-D power amp. It produces 600 Watt @ 8 Ohm or 300 Watt @ 16 Ohm. The power amp was designed in Denmark by the renowned ICEpower™. It offers pristine sound quality, whether it is driving full-range speakers or classic guitar cabinets. The Class-D technique makes for the most energy-efficient power amp solution, emitting only a minimum of heat. This reduces the need for heat-sinks, as well as minimizing the overall size and weight. Combining this power amp with the KEMPER PROFILER turns the PowerRack into a super-smart, compact, all-in-one solution. If required, you can switch off the built-in power amp, converting your powered PROFILER into a line-level unit for recording purposes.

For decades, the electric guitarist has been shackled to the tube amplifier as the only means of achieving "that sound". This magical combination is by no means ideal - the challenge to achieve a consistent sound from the practice room to the studio, and especially to the stage, continues to frustrate guitarists, just as it has since the early 1940s. Kemper uses proprietary digital technology to analyze the sonic DNA of your amp. Now, you can go way beyond the boundaries of the original amp and tweak everything to your liking. 

The PROFILER gives you more freedom of choice than any other real or virtual amp available. A PROFILE you take in a tracking session for your next song will work perfectly on stage when you take it on tour. It was never easier to have a unique and consistent tone in every situation.

The PROFILER revolutionizes the typical workflow of a recording session. Guitarists can now move freely between projects - the PROFILEs of their guitar rigs allowing them to do overdubs or alternative takes whenever they like. You could rent a professional studio for a day or two to create the best PROFILEs of your amps, and then record in your project studio later - you'll have the exact sound of the professional studio, but with all the time in the world.

Playing live is where the PROFILER really comes into its own - just spend a little time making PROFILEs in the studio, and you can play live with the exact same sound that you used on your blockbuster hit, only without the need for multiple amp setups on stage. You will sound better than ever before through the PA. Since the sound of the cabinet, you mic’d in the studio is immortalized in the PROFILE, there is no need to mic a speaker cab on stage.

Let's face it - rocking-out at home is difficult for most of us. Analog tube amps only start to sing at levels where the only neighbours who’ll enjoy your 10min rock’n’roll extravaganza will be the ones who live half-a-mile away! The PROFILER, however, sounds great at any level. Play it through your home stereo or through headphones. Use the dedicated ‘Space’ effect to make headphones a more pleasurable experience, and to reduce ear fatigue. 

The PROFILER offers a selection of some of the finest effects in the world. Nearly 20 years of experience allows Kemper to find the essence of both classic and new effects and equip them with well-conceived parameter sets. They won't overwhelm you with dozens of ineffective controls per effect algorithm - everything has a clear, intuitive and musical purpose. The signal-chain comprises 8 effect modules in addition to the amplifier stack. Up to four effects can be placed "pre" the amp stack, and another four "post" the amp.

PROFILER OS 8.5supports the new PROFILER Rig Editor for iPadOS which allows for wireless control of the PROFILER Stage, Head, and Rack. This adds another dimension of parameter editing and fine-tuning of guitar tone at home, in the studio, at rehearsal, and on stage. The PROFILER Power Rack must be connected to a local network via a wired ethernet connection to use with Profiler Rig Editor.

Everybody knows that fine-tuning guitar tone works best when standing in the sweet spot of the speakers, where all the magic happens. Rig Manager for iPadOS provides exactly that, in a portable yet powerful editor solution. You can add, swap and modify effects using the intuitive graphical user interface. You only need one hand to optimise your PROFILER performance while the other one is holding that power chord. It was never easier to get your best tone out of your PROFILER.

    • Has a built-in Class-D power amp
    • Leading-edge digital guitar amplifier and all-in-one effects processor
    • 1st digital amp to nail the dynamic sound of guitar and bass amps
    • Create individual tones then capture these exactly into the digital domain
    • Profiling process only takes one a minute
    • Profiling can be performed on virtually any amp
    • Captures every aspect, including mic and cabinet characteristics
    • Profiling allows you to use the exact same tone in any situation
  • Hundreds of amps and Rigs pre-installed
  • Always updating and extending the free-to-use libraries
  • Profiles can be recalled at any time
  • No need to mic a cab on-stage, just call up your in-studio Profiles
  • Monitor yourself via the common stage-monitor wedge
  • Sounds great at any level, great for home use
  • Signal-chain comprises 8 effect modules + amp stack
  • A number of parallel routing options are also available
  • Dimensions: 3 HE (3 RU), 48.3 cm x 13.9 cm x 22 cm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg