Keeley Electronics

KEELEY EH Verb O Trem Workstation

The Keeley – Eddie Heinzelman – “Verb o Trem” & “Verb o Trem” Workstation

Keeley and Eddie H. teamed up to produce the Verb o Trem, the Keeley VoT!

The Keeley VoT reverb and tremolo combo gives players a simple and beautiful sounding way to introduce the famous Keeley spring and plate reverbs as well as modulated tube amp tremolos to the end of their chain.

When you go minimalist, you still consider Reverb and Tremolo. Whether your customer wants a compact board or the power of tremolo and reverb at the same time, the Keeley VoT is a simple and sonically beautiful solution.

Verb o Trem Workstation

The Keeley VoT Workstation is a high-end Dual DSP effect workstation.  Each effect, reverb and tremolo are given their own effects engine.  This allows us to create rich and ornate filtering.  These are studio quality sounds we have crafted over the years, refined by working musicians and studio engineers.


8 Modes: 2 Spring, 3 Spring, Plate, Hall, Chamber, Room, Fugue, and Slapback!

Reverb mode controls:

Level – Output Volume Level for the reverb channel

Decay – this is the length of the reverb trails. **External Expression Control compatible**

Morph – Pre-Delay – The earliest reflections, sometimes heard as a slapback.

Effect Level – Blends reverb volume into guitar mix


8 Modes: Sine Wave, Square Wave, Harmonic, Dynamic Harmonic, Pitch Vibrato, Ramp Trem, Les’Rotary Speaker, U-Vibe

Level – Output Volume Level for the tremolo-modulation channel

Rate – Speed of modulation, with on-board Tap Tempo. **External tap input jack**

Depth – amount of volume change in effect. THROB.

Morph – Controls a variety of aspects including filter points, wave shape, duty cycle, tweeter/woofer control, etc.  Instruction manual lists exact details.