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HOTONE Pulze - Black Eclipse

Introducing the Hotone Pulze Luna Modelling Amplifier in a sleek white finish—a modern marvel designed to elevate your musical experience. This Bluetooth-enabled digital modelling amplifier boasts a minimalist exterior, catering to various electric and acoustic instruments. Meticulously crafted speakers ensure high-quality audio playback, faithfully reproducing classic sounds within a portable form factor. The fully touchscreen-operated Pulze, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and a companion mobile app, offers an intelligent and user-friendly experience for recording, live streaming, and unleashing your musical creativity.

Hotone's acclaimed CDCM HD and F.I.R.E. digital modelling technology finds a new home in the Pulze Amplifier. With a high-quality dual-core digital processing platform, powerful algorithms deliver exceptional sound quality. Striking a balance between tone and size, Pulze features a carefully designed ABS enclosure and custom 3.5-inch full-range speakers, providing dynamic, rich, and detailed tones for your performances.

Pulze transcends traditional limitations, offering outstanding sound performance at any volume level. The stereo Class D amplifier with 30 watts of output power makes it ideal for both practice and small-scale live venues. Beyond amplification, Pulze is designed to be a portable audio system, seamlessly connecting to your devices via USB, Bluetooth, and Aux In. With transparent highs and well-defined lows, Pulze ensures a captivating live music experience wherever you go.

The Pulze Amplifier introduces a plethora of features, including 46 amp simulations, 48 cab simulations, 60+ classic effects simulations, and 20 user IR slots with 5 built-in Celestion-authorised classic speaker IRs. The innovative 4-inch full-color touchscreen design liberates you from traditional controls, allowing swift adjustments with a touch. The companion mobile app, connected via Bluetooth, enables wireless editing of effect chains and parameters, enhancing your creative control.

The Pulze's versatility extends to audio recording via USB, Reamping capabilities, and Loopback functionality for convenient live streaming. The built-in sound card ensures high-quality true stereo audio playback, making it an ideal tool for music production and sharing your creations. The customisable interface, ambient lighting, and adjustable themes let you express your unique aesthetic preferences fully.

Dive into the Pulze community through the companion app, where you can share and download presets from fellow users and artists. The cloud-based sound presets ensure you have access to a vast array of tones anytime, anywhere. With Pulze, you're not just getting an amplifier; you're entering a world of boundless creativity and connectivity.

  • Compact Bluetooth® modelling amplifier suitable for various instruments
  • Special-tuned ABS cabinet ensures wide stereo soundstage, faithful sound reproduction, firm and deep bass in a compact, lightweight enclosure
  • Dual 3.5" full range speakers, 30W (15W+15W) output power
  • Evolved CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modelling system ensures high end tonal expressiveness and realistic playing experience
  • Authentic stereo processing & audio playback, Space+ stereo enhancing technology for immersing soundstage
  • Powerful dual-core DSP platform and 24-bit digital signal processing ensures excellent sound quality
  • 4-inch 800×480 dynamic touchscreen and flexible UI for intuitive control
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 dual-mode module for audio playback and remote control
  • Supports wireless control via Bluetooth® MIDI (3rd party Bluetooth® MIDI bridging software is required for Bluetooth® MIDI control)
  • CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modelling effects including: 46 amp models, 48 cab models, Legendary pedal models
  • High quality Hotone original effects incl. drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models and more
  • Supports adding up to 20 user IR
  • 5 classic Celestion® speaker IRs included - Powered by Celestion® Digital
  • Up to 7 simultaneous effect modules, editable effects chain order
  • USB port for firmware updating or USB audio interface function (supports loopback and reamp)
  • Supports saving max. 200 tones (presets)
  • Acoustic simulation effects and tones
  • Songlist mode for switching tones in seconds
  • Download/upload/share your favourite tones via Hotone Community
  • Built-in drum machine/metronome with 100 patterns
  • Built-in precise tuner
  • Phones jack for silent practising
  • Recordable aux in jack
  • Customisable user display for designing your own control panel
  • Customisable knob types, theme and atmosphere light colours (atmosphere light colour follows theme colour settings)
  • Built-in atmosphere lights with brightness control
  • Detachable PU leather strap
  • Multiple colours available
  • 18V DC power supply

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