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HTJ Works

HJT WORKS Hide & Seek

Introducing the Hide & Seek, a dual channel guitar effect pedal that combines the best of two classic circuits - the Klon Centaur and the Ibanez TS10.

This pedal is hand-wired by Toru at HTJ-Works in Japan, who is known for his dedication to quality and attention to detail. It is constructed with the highest rated components available to ensure the best possible performance and durability.

The Klon channel of this pedal offers the same rich, transparent overdrive that the original Klon circuit is known for. This channel also has a buffer on/off dip-switch, which allows you to adjust the brightness of your tone. 

Additionally, there is a switch on the left side of the front that toggles the Bright Horse clipping diode between Germanium and Silicon. The effect appears only when the GAIN is increased. Silicon diodes have a slight effect but provide a finer tone. Furthermore, there is additional dip-switch for pass capacitors, available in 4.7µ or 1µ, the initial period is normal, which is 4.7μ.

The TS10 channel offers a more classic overdrive sound, reminiscent of the Ibanez TS10 tube screamer. This channel also has a buffer on/off dip-switch, which allows you to adjust the brightness of your tone.

Another dip-switch inside the pedal allows you to select between 9V and 18V for higher headroom for TSH-10 channel. 

John Mayer, uses both the Klon and TS10 pedals in his rig. He uses the Klon pedal for its transparent overdrive properties, which helps to boost his guitar's signal without adding too much colour. He also uses the TS10 pedal for its classic overdrive sound, which adds warmth and edge to his sound. He use to blend the two pedals to create his own custom overdrive sound which he uses on some of his hit songs.

The Hide & Seek features a switch that allows you to change the signal path between Klon channel and TS10 channel or vice versa, offering an option to how to stack them up.

With the buffer on/off and the Bright Horse clipping diode switches, you can have a wide variety of sound variations even with two pedals, you can choose to place the buffer in front or behind the TSH10 by simply flipping the front/rear switch. This has very surprising effects.

This pedal also has true bypass switching, so your tone remains pure when the pedal is not in use. The Hide & Seek is a versatile and high-quality pedal that offers guitarists the best of two classic overdrive circuits in one compact package, just like John Mayer does. Whether you're a professional musician or a hobbyist, this pedal is sure to become an essential part of your guitar rig.