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Greenhouse Effects

GREENHOUSE Sonic Orb Phaser

The Sonic Orb is a versatile and transparent 4-stage analog phaser with a comprehensive set of controls designed to deliver many classic phase tones and much more.

Our design puts an emphasis on musicality while still permitting some of the more "out there" sounds we all love about phasers. The control set is very simple to use but also immediately effective for deep shifts in sonic impression.

The Depth Knob controls the intensity of the Sonic Orb. Its wide span creates a full spectrum of possibilities... from "barely there" phase tones that add a wisp of breath to your parts, all the way to rollercoaster depths that issue a mind-bending phase tone that is immediately perceived by listeners even in a crowded mix.

Our Rate controls include both a Rate Knob for fine adjustments and a Rate Switch for a coarse selection between fast and slow speeds. By utilizing this dual control method to set the rate of phasing, we managed to provide the user a very wide spread of speed options while still retaining a focused control with the Rate Knob itself to quickly dial in very precise rates.

One of the more unique aspects of the Sonic Orb is our Q Knob. This simple control shifts the frequency range that the Sonic Orb operates within. At its deepest setting, the phaser is sitting more in the bass signal creating a smooth and warm impression. As the Q is increased, the Sonic Orb becomes oriented towards the treble side creating a sharp and peaked sounding phaser. By creating variable tonal focuses in the phase sweep, the Q knob helps the adaptable musician to emulate other iconic phasers that we all hold dear while opening a world of sounds in between that belong to the Sonic Orb alone. The Q Knob can also assists the Sonic Orb in matching with instruments other than the guitar like bass and keys.

Many phasers may sound good in terms of their phase tone, but are quickly washed away in the mix of a live performance setting. To prevent this, an op-amp section was added to internally boost the output signal.

The Volume Knob which regulates this boost not only prevents volume-loss but will allow you to boost above unity to make your phase tones more apparent than ever.

The Sonic Orb is a feature-rich and musical phaser. It represents our best effort to cover a wide variety of phase sounds while maintaining the simplicity in controls that our artists demand even despite the complicated analog circuitry within.

  • Depth Knob: controls the intensity of the Sonic Orb
  • Rate Knob: for fine adjustments
  • Rate Switch: for a coarse selection between fast and slow speeds
  • Q Knob: shifts the frequency range that the Sonic Orb operates within
  • Volume: regulates boost
  • True Bypass Switching