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FREE THE TONE SL-8S Straight Plug

Why are solderless cables necessary?

The technical staff for musicians sometimes need to repair cables while on tour. They are always very busy and there is little time for them to do repair work. And even people who are not used to soldering may have to make repairs. Sometimes they only need a short patch cable but they don’t have one on hand, and they may have to use a 3m or 5m cable instead. The unnecessarily long cable can cause noise problems. However, if they have solderless cable/plugs in their bag, they can provide the perfect solution. Solderless cables allow you to make any length cables in a minimum amount of time. You don’t need any special equipment to make cables and the special plugs fit perfectly on a crowded pedalboard. Also, the plugs are recyclable so you can reuse them to make new cables.

SL-8S/SL-8L (Nickel) Features

The SL-8S/L solderless plug has the simplest mechanism and is very easy to assemble. It was also designed to be very small and take a minimum amount of space. The cable’s center conductor and the plug tip are connected inside of the plug to make a tight and strong connection. The distance from the cable’s center conductor to the tip of the plug is considerably shorter than other brands of plugs which results in significantly better sound quality. And as the cable is solderless, the sound quality will not be affected by solder quality. Also, the outer cover of the cable is slightly viscous so when the screw penetrates into the cover material when you assemble the cable, the screw is held in place and prevented from working loose. For the L plug, the precisely machined cap gently bends the cable into position to provide the ideal strength and durability.