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Free The Tone

FREE THE TONE SC-1-CS Custom Shop Silky Comp

As the product name suggests, the "SILKY COMP/SC-1" was known for its silky smooth sound and playability and was sadly discontinued in 2018. The name SILKY was then inherited by SILKY GROOVE, and the compressor pedal was reborn with a sound that matched modern music. However, many voices have expressed a desire for the revival of the SILKY COMP, which has a unique compressor sound that cannot be replicated by any other pedal. To answer those voices, a limited production of the SILKY COMP/SC-1 will be released through the FREE THE TONE CUSTOM SHOP.
SILKY COMP achieved a special, natural, and glossy silky smooth sound that revolutionized the concept of compressor pedals through a unique soldering method. It produces a flowing and natural sound and connection of notes in arpeggios, and a sharp groove in cutting. The ATTACK control allows for a wide range of sound-making, and when the ATTACK knob is turned all the way to the right, it can be used as a limiter. The SILKY COMP's effect ON/OFF switching uses a true bypass method where the signal passes through only one circuit of the switch when in bypass mode.

The SC-1-CS is finished with an appearance designed for musicians. The die-cast case is unpainted, and the characters and other markings are printed on labels and manually attached individually. Each unit also includes a handwritten signature by the developer, Yukihiro Hayashi, on the inside of the back cover.


The development of SILKY COMP began with the goal of creating a compressor pedal that could produce sharpness and groove in cutting with clean sounds. To create groove with a compressor, musically superior attack speed and release time are required. When designing SILKY COMP, we referred to equipment used in recording, such as the NEVE 33609, and focused on how the guitar would sound different depending on the release time setting. It may be a subtle area, but release time is a crucial element in band sound. Through trial and error, we finally found a satisfactory point.

As for sound quality, we aimed for a smooth and glossy sound, as the name suggests. We tried changing the solder and parts in many ways, but we could not obtain a sound that we were satisfied with until we discovered a special board manufacturing method. This manufacturing method was born out of coincidence, and we cannot disclose the details as it is now proprietary. It is a time-consuming process, so the production volume is limited, but it is an essential process that cannot be omitted. As a result of much trial and error, we believe that we have achieved a guitar sound that exudes sex appeal, to the point where you can keep SILKY COMP on at all times. Please enjoy the rich sound of SILKY COMP.


  • A special soldering process during printed circuit board assembly provides sound with natural sustain and clarity.
  • Special true-bypass method in which the signal goes through only one line when the switch is in Bypass mode.
  • The ATTACK control allows variation in sound.
  • Exceptional sound stability by using long-life high reliability components.


Input impedance 330kΩ
Output load impedance min. 200kΩ
Terminals 2× 1/4" phone jack (for input and output), 1× DC9V input jack (for AC adapter)
Power supply 9-volt battery (PP3/006P), AC adapter
Current consumption approx. 4 mA
Dimensions: 115(D)x72W×50H mm (incl. protuberances such as footswitches, jacks, etc.)
Weight approx. 215 g (excl. battery)
Accessories warranty card, manual, 4× rubber feet