Free The Tone

FREE THE TONE MC-3 Midi Controller

The MC-3 is an easy-to-use, compact programmable MIDI controller which operates in two modes: Mode-1 (program change number send mode) and Mode-2 (preset mode). In Mode 1, the program change number is selected by pressing the left or right footswitch and the number to be sent is determined by the center footswitch. You can select a channel from channels 1–16 and send a program change number from 1–128. In Mode-2 (preset mode), the desired program change number or control change number can be assigned and programmed to one of the three footswitches, and then can be sent. The MC-3 also supports control change number sending and therefore it can be used not only in various applications such as program recalling on a connected device but also as a Tap tempo entry controller for an effects unit or as a channel switching footswitch for a MIDI amplifier.


  • Compact programmable MIDI controller easy to use
  • When in Mode-1 (program change number send mode), any channel can be selected from channels 1–16 for sending of a program change number (1–128).
  • When in Mode-2 (preset mode), control change numbers can be selected in addition to program change numbers, enabling more flexible sound system creation.
  • With support for control change number sending, the MC-3 can be used in a wide variety of applications including as a tap tempo entry controller for an effects unit or a channel switching footswitch for a MIDI amplifier.
  • Can be powered by a 9-volt battery (006P) or a standard 9 VDC AC adapter.
  • *Estimated operating time in normal use – manganese battery: approximately 10 hours; alkaline battery: approximately 35 hours.


  • Terminal: MIDI OUT (DIN 5-pin connector)
  • Power supply: 9 V battery (006P) or AC adapter
  • Consumption current: max. 25 mA /9 VDC
  • Dimensions (W x D x H, incl. protuberances such as footswitches): 120 x 95.7 x 54.1 mm (4.72 x 3.77 x 2.13 inches)
  • Weight (excl. battery): approx. 315 g (0.69 lbs)