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Dewitte Wired


Dewitte wired creates Brut(e): a unique pedal preamplifier ranging from the finest crunch to a brutal distortion. Unique because it represents the synthesis of the brand’s shop know-how.

Unique because it uses the best assembly techniques and the most noble materials. With its pure design and simple ergonomics, Brut(e) is the ideal pedal-sized preamplifier to offer you a solid sound spine. Imagine a truly “plug and play” tool that instantly responds to the attack of your game and all its nuances. Built to withstand the real conditions of stage or studio, Brut(e) was designed by guitarists for guitarists. Brut(e) is essentially a project born from a reflection around sound, manufacturing but also ethics related to the proposal of a new preamp/pedal simple to use.

Brut(e) will allow you to go from the finest crunch to the most brutal distortion and will guarantee you a solid sound base, allowing its expression.

To meet the fixed sound specifications we use 5 J201 cascaded by ensuring their Biasing by internal adjustment.

The JFets J201 are known for their proximity to the sound of the lamps and their quality for crunch and distortion.

As the J201s are no longer produced in traditional go-through components (hand assembly) we have opted for their CMS version, whose manufacturers still produce and whose quality is higher than traditional components. We have therefore adapted our manufacturing process and integrated the use of a machine assembly for these components in order to ensure the durability of Brut(e) over time and to be able to offer the legendary J201 in a sustainable way.

The hybridization of hand-assembled and machine-assembled components is the specificity of Brut(e)’s design.

We have focused our thinking on the manufacturing stages that are sources of breakdowns and costly in time: the wiring. By developing a high quality integrated circuit we have drastically reduced the internal cabling of Brut(e).

Our welds meet strict specifications: tin deposition and furnace exposition or manual assistance if necessary to guarantee contact quality and durability. 

Wear parts such as switches, inputs and outputs jack as well as power supply supports are fixed by a system of claws allowing their replacement without soldering iron and therefore no heavy intervention in case of intervention.

Our housings are made of solid aluminium with a CNC machine by an Airbus subcontractor. They combine design and robustness.

Our development approach remains the same as for all our models: working with professional musicians and enlightened amateurs to ensure the creation of a product truly adapted to the guitarist’s needs.

Thinking, developing and producing locally: that’s our ethic. We work on a circuit as short as possible.

Cases, engravings, integrated circuits… are manufactured and assembled in Toulouse in order to limit the production and transport of our various elements throughout the world even before the product is finished.

We favour local economy and partnerships with companies in our business area in order to produce Brut(e).

Technical specifications

Nominal Input Level : -20 dBu

Input Impedance : 1 Mohm

Nominal Output Level : -20 dBu

Output Impedance : 1 kohm

Recommended Load Impedance : 10 kohms or greater

Controls Pedal : 3 PDT switch true bypass –  Vol, Gain, Pres, Bass, Mids, Highs knobs

Light Indicator : Led

Connectors : INPUT & OUTPUT Switchcraft, 9Vdc Lumberg negative center

Power Supply :  AC adapter (not included)

Current Draw : 50 mA

Weight and height :

  • Height: 9 cm.
  • Width: 12 cm.
  • Thickness: 4 cm (with knobs)
  • Weight: 447 grams

Housing: Solid aluminium

Origin: Toulouse – France.