DAZATRONYX Rad Distortion

This is the classic ratty sounding distortion form the '80 and '90s, with some Dazatronyx tweaks.

A distortion unit with two voicing modes. 'SI' silicon mode is the classic sound. This is achieved by a two-stage distortion of first overdriving the operational amplifier chip into a metallic fuzz, and then compressing the signal using hard-clipping silicon diodes.

In the 'GE' germanium mode, the op amp fuzz has been removed. Germanium transistors and four germanium diodes are used to achieve a more rounded and organic overdrive-distortion. This works well with humbuckers where the gain is driven a little more.

There is an internal trimpot to dial the mid/high saturation to suit your pickup and style - only if you feel the need to fiddle. Turning this completely right achieves the 'stock' metallic ratty distortion. Turning this left achieves a more flattened and bassier response, which can be well suited for the germanium mode.

All of the active signal processing is handled by parts wrapped in either metal or glass - all mojo. These components are in limited availability, and likely will be subject to change in the future as this project continues.

Special components:

Authentic NOS LM308 Metal can operational amplifier IC.

AC128 germanium transistors.

Telefunken black glass silicon clipping diodes.

Germanium clipping diodes.

Nichicon film capacitors.

Panasonic electrolytic capacitors.

Dale Industrial grade precision metal film resistors (1%, 100 PPM / C).

600V Teflon wiring.

Switchcraft audio sockets, Hammond enclosure. Usual stuff.