D*A*M Red Rooster RR-10


The D*A*M Red Rooster RR-10 is a superior quality germanium powered amplitude booster that is capable of pushing valve amplifiers into natural overdrive and achieving greater degrees and intensity of saturation at lower volume levels. A single extensively auditioned vintage germanium transistor is solely responsible for the amplification within the RR-10 offering the musicnaut a completely pure and dynamic output signal. The RR-10 can be considered as an additional gain stage to your amplifier given that the tonal output delivered is of such purity and a high degree of clarity.


Connect your chosen instrument and amplifier to the RR-10 using only high quality shielded audio cables. Begin your session with both the “RANGE” and the “BOOST” controls set at the minimum position. Activate the RR-10 with the onboard bypass selector switch and slowly increase the “BOOST” dial. This will enable you to match your active sound to your bypassed sound or at higher settings to be able to push the signal into natural clipping and into overdrive. Using the onboard bypass selector switch you can now toggle back and forth from the active effect to your clean guitar signal. Please note: it is a totally normal function for the “BOOST” control to crackle slightly as it is adjusted. The RR-10 offers further control of the boosted audio signal via the use frequency shaping with the on-board “RANGE” control. Intense treble, full range and extended bass tones can be easily acquired from the simple rotation of this dial. The RR-10 is also perfectly suited to instruments with either single coil or humbucking pick-ups of varying output and gain levels.

This device is installed with a Zinc Carbon 9-volt power cell which is activated via the insertion of a 1⁄4” jack plug into the “IN” socket. To ensure a long & lengthy cell life always unplug your cable after use. Power can also be supplied by means of an external well-regulated 9- volt power supply fitted with a 2.1mm plug and operating with a negative centre and positive sleeve.

This unit operates on a POSITIVE GROUND powering system so therefore requires its own power source or a multi-way power supply featuring isolated outputs.