D*A*M Dragonfly DF-06


The D*A*M Dragonfly DF-06 is a hybrid fuzz device that features both germanium and a silicon transistors within its circuit design. The advantage of this being that you have the rich low-end frequency textures of a vintage germanium fuzz box and the tight focused high end bite of a silicon unit. This hybrid circuit type captained within the DF-06 also helps to stabilize any temperature fluctuation problems you'd find with a purely germanium driven fuzz box and also offers an output with more means to project whilst retaining a warm and full bodied flavor over its vintage counterparts.


Connect your chosen instrument and amplifier to the DF-06 using only high quality shielded audio cables. Begin your session with both the “LEVEL” and the “TONE” controls set at approximately the noon position and the “FUZZ” control set at maximum. Activate the DF-06 with the onboard bypass selector switch and slowly increase or decrease the “LEVEL” dial as required. This control will either enable you to match your active sound to your bypassed sound or be able to boost it above unity. Using the onboard bypass selector switch you can now toggle back and forth from the active effect to your clean guitar signal. Once you have experimented with the “LEVEL” control turn your attention to the “FUZZ” control. Decrease this control to give you the amount of sustain and attack that you require. This control is better suited to be approached in the sense of attenuation being as the greater degree of boosting and intensity of fuzz is in the final quarter of the rotation. You can now shape the distortion color with the use of the on-board “TONE” control. Bright high treble boosted sounds will be found at extreme left, sweeping this control towards the right will increase the lower midrange spectrum filling out the distorted signal giving a thicker and heavier fuzz tone.

This device is installed with a Zinc Carbon 9-volt power cell which is activated via the insertion of a 1⁄4” jack plug into the “IN” socket. To ensure a long & lengthy cell life always unplug your cable after use. Power can also be supplied by means of an external well-regulated 9- volt power supply fitted with a 2.1mm plug and operating with a negative centre and positive sleeve.