BEST-TRONICS 2 Port Side-Mountable Interface Patch Panel Kit

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2 Port Side-Mountable Interface Patch Panel Kit, Great for Pedaltrain Boards.

Have all of the ins/outs of your pedalboard in one place with locking connections. Simply mount this underneath the side rail of your Pedaltrain board and install connectors! The great thing about these side panels is that they can be mounted using the Pedaltrain board's stock feet (on all current Pedaltrain models with angles)!

This side panel is also great for mounting to the side wall of your rack case (if you do not have room or the need for a 1U panel).

This kit is perfect for the D.I.Y. Pedalboard Builder and includes:

  • 2 Port Side-Mountable Panel with Pre-Tapped Holes & Label Squares
  • (6) 4-40 Threadcutting Screws to Mount Connectors Into Panel
  • (3) 8-18 Metal Drilling Screw for Mounting Panel to Board
  • (2) Rubber Dust Covers to Cover Solder Connections on Panel Mount Connectors
  • (15) Black 4" Long Ty-Wraps
  • (10) Black Ty-Wrap Stick On Saddles
  • Can be mounted to any flat surface like top of falt pedalboard or inside wall of rack or road case