Berkos FX

BERKOS FX Third Stone II

After a year of development, testing every transistor obtainable and painstakingly listening to every component available for this pedal… the Third Stone was born. The key to the tone of the pedal is the natural mid-range, control over the bass, and the incredible feel. The mid-range will cut through better in a live performance. Inspired by the Fuzz tones of the 1960’s the Third Stone was designed to be the most organic and versatile fuzz made.

  • Transistors are Si and temperature stable
  • High-end capacitors and carbon composition resistors
  • True bypass
  • Premium, plated though the hole PCB


EXPTones are warmer, less gain, and more organic.
AxisTones are more aggressive with higher gain.
MidBoost the mid-range.
BassOpens up the botton-end.


Sun = GainAdjusts the level from subtle to over the top, explosive fuzz tones.
Earth = ToneControls the amount of bass attenuation. Counterclockwise position will decrease the bass allowing for more mid-range and a tighter bottom end.
VolumeThe volume knob functions as the master on/off for the fuzz circuit battery so you do not have to unplug the input jack when not in use.