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Axess Electronics

AXESS ELECTRONICS Compatt/A™ Buffer [Input]

Designed and hand-built (by Mario) in Canada.

Are you looking for a compact input buffer that feels amazing to play and will provide you with consistently great tone!? Look no further.

Compatta [kom·patta] is the Italian, feminine noun, translation for 'compact'.

The Compatt/A™ Buffer provides a quick and easy fix to the deep-rooted signal loss and inconsistent tone issues faced by guitarists due to; capacitive loading, impedance loading and mismatching, and changes to a pickup’s resonant frequency and peak — which are all caused by varying effects pedals and the patch cables associated with many pedalboards. It does so by providing the weakest link in every rig, the guitar itself, with a resolute load, segregating its pickups from the many variables on a pedalboard and the long cable run to a backline amplifier.

The buffer converts a guitar’s high-impedance (Z) signal to low-impedance, which also minimizes its susceptibility to noise, interference, and even some of the switch “popping” associated with true-bypass pedals. The end result is that variations in feel and tone will be predominantly from the actual effect of the effects pedals, and not from the guitar related high-impedance signal issues mentioned.

The circuit's a discrete Class-A design with an input impedance and other finely tuned characteristics which mimic that of a high quality tube amp. It also includes an RFI filter to minimize the possibility of radio frequency interference and noise. It presents the guitar with a dynamically ideal load that remains steadfast, resulting in tone that is consistent, while still allowing the guitar to breathe, live, and react, like plugging directly into the front of a tube amp.

Jacks, Power, Enclosure and More:
  • Input Impedance - 1MΩ **
  • Output Impedance - 100Ω **
  • ¼" TS (tip / sleeve) input and output jacks with KMMK SquarePlugSP Series friendly placement and spacing.
  • Side mount power LED enables visibility even in hard to see install locations, such as underneath pedalboards.
  • Housed in a compact; 3.72 x 1.55 x 1.29in. (94.5 x 39.4 x 32.8mm) and rugged #1590A style die-cast aluminum enclosure for years of reliable use and performance.
  • Powered by 9-18VDC via a 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel plug with a negative centre pin (like Boss pedals) and the current draw is less than 100mA (adapter is not included).

** Please note - there are many other design aspects and choices besides the input and output impedance of a buffer that are just as important... We have been at this for a very long time and always put design and manufacturing before; Youtube marketing, parts cost, etc.