Anarchy Audio


The Hereafter is a dual mode ambient voiced digital delay and chorus, featuring a high-quality, analogue dry-path circuitry with a mixer circuit and a buffered bypass with trails.

Mode 1 covers reverb-like slap-back to modulated ambient delays. Higher time settings yield a vinyl-like character and at high levels, repeats cascade into self-destructing oscillation.

Mode 2 introduces a shorter delay line and an LFO circuit, with full control over the waveform shape and speed, allowing a range of sounds from a subtle doubling effect, lush chorus, to pulsing, seasick modulation. 

CONTROLS (CCW = counter clockwise / CW = clockwise)

  • MIX – Effect level
  • TIME –Adjusts the delay mode time from 20ms to 760ms (at fully CW). At longer delay settings (500ms and above), the delay starts to exhibit vintage worn artefacts, akin to an old tape or vinyl player.
  • REPEAT – Adjusts the number of effect repeats, from a short slap back to modulated ambience. At fully CW, multiple repeats fold over and cascade into self-oscillation.

When the Left mode switch is engaged (LED on) the TIME control is replaced with a shorter delay line and a LFO circuit and additional use of the following controls :

  • SHAPE – Adjusts the LFO waveform. Fully CCW is a choppy square wave, noon is a triangle wave and fully CW is a smooth sine wave.
  • PULSE – Speed of the waveform cycles.
  • DEPTH – Amount of modulation. Depending on where the SHAPE and PULSE controls are set, this shifts between a subtle chorus, a mild wobble and a trippy pitch deviating vibrato.


  • Right - Master On/Off
  • Left –Select between Delay mode (LED off) and Modulation mode (LED on)


  • Enclosure: 120 x 94 x 33mm
  • Power: 9V DC power supply via 2.1mm centre negative jack
  • Current draw: ~35mA
  • Buffered bypass with delay trails. Analog dry path.
  • No battery option