Analog Man


The Analog Man Juicer Compressor Pedal is a clone of the classic Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer, legendary for its smooth compression and "squashing" tone as used on many Steely Dan (My Old School by Jeff Baxter etc), Doobie Brothers, Dire Straits (Sultans Of Swing), and other classic albums. The Juicer can also be used as a clean boost. It is not transparent (it adds a bit of grit and of course compression) but it may be just what you need.


  • 100% original (not WD reissue) Dan Armstrong O.S. circuit and sound.
  • Built into the smaller box as shown on the right.
  • True Bypass with 3PDT switch
  • LED
  • NOS 2N5457 transistors, 1N100 diodes (rare!) and JRC4558 chip
  • Expensive high quality Matsushita/Panasonic capacitors
  • Power jack
  • UK made RE'AN jacks for best noise isolation and operation.
  • Durable Orange Powder-Coated finish with Orange peel texture in 2003!
  • Small box 2.5" x 4.75" x 1.5" not including jacks, switch, etc
  • One knob, external volume knob (original orange squeezer had a volume trim pot inside)
  • About 8 dB of gain available at factory BIAS setting.
  • The Bias trim pot is inside, as it does not need adjustment once it is set right.