Analog Man

ANALOG MAN Astro Tone Fuzz

The Analog Man ASTRO TONE fuzz is somewhere between a fuzz and distortion as it acts differently into different amps. But it sounds great into almost anything! The Astro Tone is MUCH easier to use than a Fuzz Face and you can hear it well with a band.

Analog Man's first new pedal of 2010 is the ASTRO TONE fuzz. This pedal is based on the 1960's SAM ASH FUZZZ BOXX and ASTROTONE FUZZ made in New York City in 1966-68 by the Astro Amp company.


  • True Bypass switching
  • Super Bright LED for lower power use, buffed so as not to blind you!
  • Uses less than 1 mA of power when off, only 3 when on, so an Alkaline bat tery will last a few hundred hours of normal playing time
  • Normal Boss style power jack, negative ground so no polarity problems
  • Three simple knobs - Volume, Fuzz, and Tone
  • High quality, hand wired RE‚ÄôAN input and output jacks
  • original 1966 Fairchild Silicon transistors, not affected by heat like a Germanium fuzz
  • Sound is not as compressed as a fuzzface, not SUPER thick and saturated, something between a fuzz and distortion but closer to a fuzz