LOLLAR PICKUPS Blademaster Bridge Parchment

A good idea is a good idea, and when a customer asked us to build a set of Jazzmaster pickups with blade pole pieces for a wider string spacing -resulting in a fuller, fatter tone- we knew it was a good idea!

Based on a request originally brought to us by guitar builder, Scott Walker, for a guitar that he was building for Steve Kimmock; our Blademaster pickups feature alnico bar magnets and an extra-long nickel plated steel blade pole piece that extends beyond the width of the strings for more balanced string response and coverage. We've modified the original design a bit, giving it a unique winding that offers a fuller and broader tone than a traditional Jazzmaster style pickup, without sacrificing the clarity of the bass strings. Compared to a standard Jazzmaster design, Blademaster pickups have a higher output, a smoother, fuller bottom end, and increased body supporting the top end while retaining articulation and detail. The Blademaster pickup is a direct drop in replacement for just about any Jazzmaster style pickup.

Features include; vintage style pushback lead wires, RWRP bridge for hum-cancelling operation in the middle position, available with parchment, white, black, or cream covers.

DC:Neck: 7.4k, Bridge: 10.0k