Caroline Guitar Company

CAROLINE Hawaiian Pizza

Capturing the essence of the world's most expensive, collectible, and unavailable amplifiers, the HAWAIIAN PIZZATM is the sonic equivalent of a forbidden delicacy.

Mere buzzwords do not do it justice. Its very essence captures the most crystal of lettuce, the most unobtanium of discontinued exotic zest of magic diodes, the newest old stock tubes of artisanal sous vide blockchain components, organic GMO-free discrete integrated circuits, simultaneously wild, free range, and humanely farmed, wired point-to- point on holistically mindful, mil-spec bespoke circuit boards. Its bypass is not merely "true" – it is unflinchingly candid. Worthy of all the years you spent on a waiting list, it is nothing but three knobs and the truth*

It is the Komodo dragon of mariguanas, the apex predator of the planet of the vapes. Gluten-free? It is so committed to the idea of gluten freedom that it liberates pedals on the other side of the pedalboard from their glutens. 

Designer’s note: *OK, the truth? This pedal is based on a classic fuzz-drive that John Snyder (EAE) and I really elaborated on. First off, the three highly interactive controls create a whole lot of sonic range. It’s still simple and immediate to use, and reveals more and more versatility in its scope as you turn the knobs. It can do treble booster, crunchy amp-like drives, full-on fuzz, and even some broken gated stuff. While capable of that searing silicon transistor sound, it can be incredibly sweet, singing, and smooth at higher gains by backing down the voltage (pineapple) control. It also features an internal “fake guitar pickup” so its performance is not affected by feeds from buffers or wireless units like other similar pedals of this type would be. 

We originally intended to go all out and have it fit our typical Caroline Guitar Co. control format and layout, but whenever we discussed adding more controls, it felt like it would take away from the intuitive, simple, and fun approach that won us over from our first three-knob test piece. 

It’s unlike anything else we make, very rooted in a classic design, a bit fun and silly, but the sound is no joke. Knowing all that, what else could we have called it BUT “Hawaiian Pizza”?