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November 09, 2023

At Deluxe Guitars, we're all about providing our customers with the best in the world of guitar effects pedals. And when it comes to quality, innovation, and a commitment to enhancing your musical experience, there's one name that stands out – Keeley Electronics. 

The Keeley Electronics Story

Founded by Robert Keeley in 2001, Keeley Electronics has been at the forefront of the guitar pedal industry for over two decades. With a passion for creating exceptional sound-shaping tools, Robert Keeley set out to design pedals that would not only meet but exceed the expectations of musicians worldwide.

A Commitment to Excellence

One of the key reasons why we at Deluxe Guitars are proud to carry Keeley Electronics products is their unwavering commitment to excellence. Each Keeley pedal is meticulously crafted, and the attention to detail is second to none. It's no surprise that their pedals have become staples on the pedalboards of both amateur and professional guitarists. 

A Diverse Pedal Lineup

Keeley Electronics offers a diverse lineup of pedals, catering to a wide range of musical styles and preferences. Whether you're into lush reverbs, vintage-style overdrives, or cutting-edge modulation effects, you'll find a Keeley pedal that suits your needs.

Some of our top picks from Keeley Electronics include:

  • Keeley Compressor Plus: Known for its transparency and studio-quality compression, this pedal is a must-have for guitarists looking to achieve a polished and balanced tone.
  • Keeley Caverns V2: This pedal combines reverb and delay in one compact unit, offering a dreamy sonic landscape that's perfect for creating ambient textures.
  • Keeley Super Phat Mod: If you're a fan of classic tube amp overdrive, this pedal nails that warm, saturated sound, making it an essential addition to any pedalboard.

Innovation and Customization

Keeley Electronics is also known for its innovative designs and a willingness to push the boundaries of what's possible with guitar pedals. They frequently release limited-edition pedals and unique custom creations, allowing musicians to explore new sonic horizons.

Build Process: What's Automated?

Box/Enclosure Bending/Drilling

Keeley Electronics employs precision machinery to handle the bending and drilling of pedal enclosures. This automated process ensures that each enclosure is uniform and precisely constructed, providing a solid foundation for the pedal's components. 

Circuit Board Printing

The creation of circuit boards is a critical step in pedal manufacturing. Keeley utilizes automated circuit board printing processes to achieve consistent and accurate board designs, allowing for reliable and predictable pedal performance.

Board Component Installation & Soldering

Many electronic components, such as capacitors and resistors, are installed and soldered onto the circuit boards with the aid of automated machinery. This ensures the components are securely attached and electrically stable. 

Build Process: What's Done by Hand?

While automation plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process, Keeley Electronics believes that certain aspects of pedal production should remain in the hands of skilled artisans. Here's what's done by hand:

Effect & Circuit Design

The heart and soul of every Keeley pedal lie in its effect and circuit design. Expert engineers and designers craft these intricate circuits by hand, fine-tuning each element to achieve the desired tone and functionality.

Powder Coating

The visual aesthetics of Keeley pedals are as important as their sound. Skilled craftsmen apply powder coating by hand, ensuring that each pedal's finish is flawless and visually appealing.

Through-Part Soldering

While some components are automated, Keeley's craftsmen perform through-part soldering by hand. This precise soldering technique ensures that sensitive components are connected correctly, contributing to the pedal's reliability.


The assembly of Keeley pedals is a labor-intensive process. Each pedal is meticulously assembled by hand, with care taken to ensure that all components are correctly positioned and secured.


Handcrafted quality extends to the testing phase. Keeley Electronics technicians rigorously test each pedal to verify its functionality and performance, making adjustments as needed to meet their high standards.

Graphic Application

Artwork and labeling are hand-applied to give each pedal its unique visual identity. This attention to detail ensures that every pedal is not only a sonic masterpiece but also a work of art.

Boxing & Shipping

The final stages of production, including boxing and shipping, are handled with precision and care by Keeley's dedicated team. Pedals are boxed and packaged securely to ensure they reach customers in perfect condition.

In summary, Keeley Electronics combines automation for precision and consistency with expert craftsmanship to create guitar effects pedals that are both technically superior and visually stunning. The blend of automated processes and artisanal skills results in pedals that not only sound fantastic but also embody the essence of handcrafted excellence.

A Perfect Match for Deluxe Guitars

At Deluxe Guitars, our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience, and that means offering products from brands like Keeley Electronics. We understand the importance of tone and effects in creating your signature sound, and Keeley Electronics shares that passion.

Our knowledgeable staff, who are also touring musicians and techs, can help you find the perfect Keeley pedal to complement your setup. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your musical journey, we're here to assist you in making the right choice.

In Conclusion

Keeley Electronics is more than just a brand; it's a symbol of quality and innovation in the world of guitar effects pedals. We're proud to feature Keeley products at Deluxe Guitars because we believe in offering our customers the best of the best.

If you're looking to elevate your guitar sound and explore new sonic possibilities, Keeley Electronics is a brand you can trust. Visit our store in Southbank, Melbourne, and let us help you discover the perfect Keeley pedal for your musical journey, including the exclusive Keeley Compressor Plus Deluxe Guitars Edition.

Remember, at Deluxe Guitars, customer service is our focus, and we want you to feel valued and appreciated every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more brand spotlights as we continue to showcase the finest gear in the world of music.

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