The Xotic BB Plus ain't yo daddy's Overdrive! Never has there been an OD/Boost pedal that can compare with the long awaited Xotic BB Plus! Part BB Preamp part Boost pedal, this little baby has you covered. The BB side is very versatile and shimmery, from high gain madness to low gain sizzle. The tone controls are very interactive with each other creating an amazing palette of tones. Both sides feature a Comp switch giving you two different cut-off frequencies to choose from, a slight scoop for heavier crunch, or a warmer cream tone for sizzling lead. The second side of the Xotic BB Plus is a super transparent boost/buffer. Use this to kick a little extra db for a boost or as a buffer in a long run of pedals. Both sides are true bypass and seperately footswitchable. There is also a toggle for the order in which the sides operate: Boost-OD or OD-Boost. No other pedal on the market can keep up with the new BB Plus from Xotic Effects.