WEEHBO Plexdrive

The PLEXDRIVE is a low gain overdrive. It is highly transparent and dynamic and provides a warm sound such as the legendary Plexi.

You can get two different amounts of distortion with the GAIN-switch. The maximum reachable amount of distortion is comparable to a Plexi with all knobs on ten. So it's possible to get the famous Plexi sound and feeling at low volumes.

With the INPUT, TONE and PRESENCE knobs, it's possible to create your own tone by shaping not only the sound but also the overall amount of distortion of the PLEXDRIVE.

The booster provides a hugh volume boost. Although the booster is primarily a clean-boost, it adds some dirt and compression to the signal at higher settings.

controls the input impedance and amount of bass

controls the amount of distortion, low gain overdrive

high cut, controls the mid response

controls the overall volume

controls the booster's volume

sets the maximum gain, toggle between LESS and MORE

internal supply voltage: 9V (left), 18V (right)

activates the booster

  • Supply Voltage: 9V DC
  • Current Draw: 11mA (23mA @ 18V)
  • Controls: Input, Drive, Tone,
  • Presence, Level, Boost
  • Switches: On/Off (True Bypass),
  • Booster (True Bypass),
  • Gain, Dynamic
  • Jacks: Input, Output, 9V DC
  • Indicator: LEDs 5mm rot,
  • ultrabright
  • Dimensions: ca. 120 x 95 x 55 mm
  • Weight: ca. 360 g