WEEHBO JCM Drive Ltd Anniversary Edition

The JCM DRIVE LTD. is a highly versatile and dynamic low to british high gain overdrive.

You can get a wide range of different sounds only by switching between the two GAIN BOOST settings and the MODE rocker switch. This way, you can choose between 6 different gain and sound structures. The gain reaches from soft crunch to stronger and harder overdriven sounds with fat bass and screaming treble.

With the special 3-band equalizer it’s possible to create a powerful rock sound even if the amplifier is set to crystal clean - no more compromises between a good clean sound and a kick-ass rock distortion!

The mid-frequency range is the key element in your guitar sound. So we decided to come up with a toggle switch which allows you to choose between different center frequencies to cut/boost with the MIDDLE knob.


controls the input impedance, overall gain and amount of bass

controls the amount of distortion, low to british high gain

active 3-band equalizer to cut/boost the frequencies, MIDDLE knob with neutral middle setting, equalizer in combination with the MIDRANGE switch is a very powerful tool

controls the overall volume

sets the center mid frequency:
right (LOW) = 1500Hz, middle = 500Hz, left (HIGH) = 2150Hz

toggles between two different gain voicing modes

choose between 3 different gain options, while the overall british sound does not change:
middle (0) = JTM (stock version of JCM DRIVE)
left (I) = JMP/JCM (slightly increased gain and compression)
right (II) = hot rodded JCM (increased gain and mids)

Technical Characteristic

Supply Voltage 9V DC
Current Draw 50mA
Controls Input, Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Level
Switches On/Off (True Bypass), Gain Boost, Midrange, Mode
Jacks Input, Output, 9V DC
Indicator LEDs 5mm red, ultrabright
Dimensions ca. 120 x 95 x 55 mm
Weight ca. 360 g