WEEHBO Dumbledore

The DUMBLEDORE is a dual channel low to medium gain overdrive which emualtes the sound of the legendary Overdrive Special by Dumble.

It can be used as a medium overdrive or even as a clean boost because of ist transparency and it always sounds very natural and a tad sweet.

The DUMBLEDORE features an active 3-Band equalizer and one volume control for both channels, but each channel has its own gain control. The gain controls DRIVE and MORE interact when the second channel is activated to allow a harmonic change in gain.

The toggle switch allows you to chose between different mid frequencies. If your guitar sounds too muddy, just throw the MIDRANGE-switch to cut through the mix!

The booster provides a hugh volume boost. Although the booster is primarily a clean-boost, it adds some dirt and compression to the signal at higher settings.

controls the amount of distortion of the first channel

controls the amount of distortion of the second channel, interacts with the DRIVE control

active 3-band equalizer, MIDDLE-knob with neutral middle setting

controls the overall volume

sets the mid frequency of the MIDDLE-knob:
low mid (centre), mid (left), high mid (right)

internal supply voltage: 9V (left), 18V (right)

channel select, LED is on when channel two is selected

  • Supply Voltage: 9V DC
  • Current Draw: 30mA @ 9V
  • Controls: Drive, More, Treble,
  • Middle, Bass, Level
  • Switches: On/Off (True Bypass),
  • Select, Mid Freq, Dynamic
  • Jacks: Input, Output, 9V DC
  • Indicator: LEDs 5mm rot,
  • ultrabright
  • Dimensions: ca. 120 x 95 x 55 mm
  • Weight: ca. 360 g