Victory Amplification


Two channels of portable, gig-ready valve tone.

A combo version of our V30 The Countess head – with reverb

V45 The Count delivers a huge range of clean, crunch and lead tones. The head on which it's based (the V30) is a two-channel, all-valve package, developed with the help of Guthrie Govan as his ‘flying amp’. Here the power section can also be configured four ways to offer differing output levels, in this case from 0.5 to 42 watts, giving you the ultimate package of portability and flexibility. For this combo version we’ve added a digital reverb section that’s footswitchable on/off and a Celestion V30 12-inch speaker. Victory V45 The Count is the little combo with a huge voice to cover all your playing needs.

Two footswitchable channels offer a huge range of tones from bold cleans to fully saturated drives and everything between

The V45 combo features in-built digital reverb. It's footswitchable on/off

A series effects loop enables you to use outboard gear and pedals between the preamp and power stages

Features & spec

Format:Two-channel 1x12 combo

Clean Channel High Power: 42 Watts
Clean Channel Low Power: 7 Watts
Clean Channel High Power Single-Ended: 1.6 Watts
Clean Channel Low Power Single Ended: 0.5 Watts
Dirty Channel High Power: 37 Watts
Dirty Channel Low Power: 6 Watts
Dirty Channel High Power Single Ended: 1.2 Watts
Dirty Channel Low Power Single Ended: 0.5 Watts

Valves:4 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L6 as standard (can be switched for EL34)
Extra features:Footswitchable between clean and overdrive channels, power valves switchable to EL34, high and low power modes, single-ended mode, digital reverb, series effects loop, high quality pine and ply cabinet with angled-up speaker baffle. Two-button footswitch for channel change and reverb on/off included
Speaker:Celestion Vintage 30 12-inch, 16-ohms
Size (mm):425(w) x 465(h) x 255(d)
Weight:18kg / 39.6lbs