The Budi boost is an incredible sounding boost that can push the front end of your amp for guitar solos or act as an enhancer that'll spruce up your guitar sound.

With an adjustable boost knob to give you the choice of how much boost you put into your signal. The level control will allow you to match the volume of the pedal to the volume when the pedal is turned off. This is helpful because if you just want the pedal to add spice to your sound without increasing the volume, you can use the level control to bring the boost down.

If you do want your volume to increase, then you can leave the level control set high.

The 2-band EQ will cut or boost bass and treble frequencies which you can match to the guitar you're using. Singlecoils might require a boosted bass section and humbuckers might want more bite from the treble knob.


  • Controls: Boost, Bass, Level, Treble
  • Switches: On/Off
  • Terminal: Input, output
  • Power 9v Battery or 9v regulated AC/DC adapter
  • Size: 70mm(w)x112mm(d)x50mm(h)
  • Weight: 425g