Union Tube and Transistor


The Union Tube & Transistor Tone Druid is the first stand alone overdrive from Union Tube & Transistor. When they tried to imagine the perfect overdrive, they came back to their MORE and the way in which it pushed an amp. In their mind this was the ultimate overdrive sound. The problem was that, at the higher settings (the MORE is capable of nearly 40db of gain,) the difference in level between on and off were so great that it made creating clean/dirty scenarios difficult on the fly.

Their solution is the Tone Druid which acts like a MORE pushing a 12AX7 with a master volume after it. This makes it one of the most amp like overdrives ever created. It can act as an alternate channel to an amp you already love or as a great front end to an unknown amp (think fly-in). As the signal is very flat it works great to warm up or add grit to bass, keyboards, and drums as well.