The Gig Rig

THE GIG RIG Virtual Battery DC

Do you rely on batteries to power any of your pedals? Due to the design of some pedals they need an isolated source to operate properly. If you try to power them from a non isolated source such as a daisy chain they can be noisy, and in some cases can even damage your precious pedals. How would you like all the benefits of batteries with none of the drawbacks?

  • Emulates a real 9V battery: Reduces noise, improves tone
  • Toroidal transformer isolates your pedal: Say goodbye to dead batteries
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Never buy a 9V battery again!

TheGigRig 9V Virtual Battery VB-DC... The VB-DC incudes a 2.1mm dc plug for use with pedals that have a Boss style 2.1 mm centre negative dc input.

TheGigRig Virtual Battery VB-BC... The VB-BC features a battery clip that simply clips on to the battery terminal of the pedal you want to use. Then connect the VB-BC to your 9V supply, and you're done!

TheGigRig Virtual Battery VB-BC 18V... You can even use two 9V virtual batteries for 18V pedals. This means you can run your 18V pedals from a single 9V supply.