The Gig Rig

THE GIG RIG Isolator

TheGigRig Isolator is the crowning glory of our modular power supply solution. Each of the Isolator's 4 outputs delivers a very clean, isolated 9v DC supply and is enginered to provide the ultimate power for your 9v pedals. Its compact, lightweight design also helps keeps your pedalboard light and small, free from bulky, heavy power supplies.

TheGigRig Isolator has 4 individually isolated 9v dc outlets that can each deliver 180mA. Thats enough to drive 95% of effects out there.It's lightweight, seriously tiny and used as part of TheGigRig modular power system, adds a new level of quality and flexability when it comes to powering your pedals.

Using a combination of the Generator, Distributors, Isolators and adapters, the system can be configured to provide isolated power to nearly every pedal and every voltage out there.

Setting the Isolator(s) up on your pedal board could not be easier. Each Isolator comes with 4 cut-to-length solderless dc power cables. You simply cut the dc cables to the length you need, then plug the cables into the terminal block. The black side goes into the black tab and the white stripe side goes into the white tab. Press each tab down and the cables are connected, there's no need for solder!
Desinged to work as part of TheGigRig Modular Power Supply, you can power as many Isolators as you need using the Generator and Distributor.