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THE GIG RIG Distributor

You've spent loads of time cash finding the pedals that define your tone. You've got the right cables and patch leads, now it's time for the last piece of the puzzle. The ultimate power supply solution for your pedal board. You want options don't you! How about being able to cut the cables to length and connect the power to all your pedals in minutes WITHOUT solder. You don't even have to strip the wires!

This amazing little box is the answer to all your pedal board power needs. The size of a couple of matchboxes (and about the same weight) the DISTRIBUTOR allows you to customize your pedal board power supply so that every d.c. cable on your board is the perfect length. Just run the supplied d.c. cables to your pedals, cut to length and insert the cables, push the buttons down and your done! Now when you plug in your 9V supply the power is run directly to your pedals. Using our Virtual Batteries you can isolate any pedal that needs isolation, even run some tricky to power pedals such as the 12V range from T-Rex. Of course Line 6 pedals are no problem.

The DISTRIBUTOR has been designed to work with TheGigRig GENERATOR power supply and our very own Virtual Batteries. Using combinations of TheGigRig Virtual Batteries (available NOW), I can power 18V pedals such as the old Ibanez delay pictured, vintage style fuzz pedals such as the Analog Man Sun Face pictured, and even the 12V T-Rex range of pedals. So what you have is a power supply solution that will power nearly every pedal under the sun, completely bespoke to your needs, isolated if you need it AND will work anywhere in the world from 110V-250V. And if you change your pedal board as often as I do, you'll be pleased to know that you can use the Distributor's amazing solder-less connection system over and over again.